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…united action for the common good!


The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP-Nigeria) is an initiative aimed at inspiring and challenging Nigerians to unite in solving major societal problems thereby creating a vibrant social sector through private-public-social (tripartite) partnership.

The slogan of CECP is “…united action for the common good!”

CECP can be described by focusing on each of the four (4) words that make up the name i.e.: Committee, Encouraging, Corporate and Philanthropy.


The word ‘committee’ is connotative of the fact that the Initiative shall be driven by a few core members.


The aim is to persuade not to compel; the strength of the committee is moral not compulsive


The word ‘corporate’ as used here means ‘collective’. Virtually every Nigerian belongs to one corporate entity or the other, be it a sociocultural group, religious organization, professional association, workplace affiliation, etc. CECP intends to unite all these diverse types of organizations and associations into a formidable movement for the common good.

While it is recognized that individual organizations may have their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes; CECP believes that without concerted action there is the risk of tokenism, duplication of effort and lack of real progress. The role of CECP is to promote united and synergistic action in a common direction.


The word Philanthropy is derived from two Greek words – ‘phileo’ meaning “love ” and ‘anthropos’ meaning ‘humanity’). The committee aims to make people truly philanthropic – giving because they are genuinely interested in the well-being of others, and not for any other reasons. The aim of the committee is to unite Nigerians to jointly tackle major societal problems.

CECP-Nigeria aims to mobilize Nigerians to unite in finding innovative ways of fulfilling unmet societal needs; with a special focus on the private sector.

The idea behind the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy in Nigeria:

Every society and every economy has three sectors – the public sector, the private sector and the social sector. The public sector (also called the first sector) is  the government of the land whose major responsibility is to regulate and empower the other sectors; the second sector (also called the private sector or for-profit sector) is the corporate or business world whose primary role is to create wealth and prosperity; the third sector (also called the social sector) is made up of the non-profit organizations whose primary vocation is to provide care and nurture in society.

Of late the idea of first sector/second sector partnership also known as public- private partnership has gained ground in Nigeria; many instances of PPP initiatives abound all over the nation. The role of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy is to provide a national institutional platform for promoting second sector/third sector partnership or private-social partnership (PSP) in Nigeria.

The strategy of CECP – Nigeria is to take one major societal problem at a time and empower a nonprofit organization to deploy an effective solution that will see the problem to a logical conclusion.

The flagship focal cause is the BIG WAR Against Cancer, operated by the National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCPP), a nongovernmental initiative of mass medical mission.

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The overall goal of NCPP is to establish four levels of infrastructure for cancer care in Nigeria.

1. One Basic Cancer Centres (BCC) in each of the 774 local government areas of Nigeria.

2. One Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC) in each of the 36 states of Nigeria as well as the federal capital territory, Abuja

3. One Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCC) in each of the six geopolitical zones

4. One National Cancer Institute (NCI).

When these objectives are accomplished, CECP – Nigeria will then take up another worthy cause, and mobilize Nigerians to rally round the cause.

The short-term goal of CECP – Nigeria is to raise funds towards the acquisition of 37 Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC) to take cancer prevention and holistic preventive health-care to the grassroots of Nigeria.

CECP – Nigeria has successfully raised funds for the pilot set of MCC which have been deployed by mass medical mission and is currently carrying out year-round community – based preventive cancer care, known as Mission PinkCruise as well as preventive eye and dental care called Mission PinkVISSION and PinkDentist respectively.

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  1. Good day, I wish to firstly introduce myself to your NGO organization, am Kingsley Esechie by name, working with Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. Nigeria. The only institution in the Sub Sahara Africa that teaches does who are physically challenge in life. Example are ; Hearing Impeded, Disable, Visual, Maroon or the inbesile e.t.c I want to volunteer my service as a voluntary person in your NGO here in Oyo-State, to reach out widely with you support and assistance as a staff of the College to guide this patient leaving with this cancer issues on ground. It is to establish Cancer Centres Convering the Nation, at least One Screening Centre in each L.G.A, with your mission statement I will appreciate if am consider as a volunteer in Oyo-State or any close location where your liaison office may be situated. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

    Mr. Kingsley Esechie

  2. Good day, i would love to get in touch with you. I work for an NgO an we would love to manage the mobile cancer centre in Lagos. How do i get in touch with you ?

  3. I want to donate. I went to quickteller but was not convinced that the csncer out let is uours. Pls what is yhe heading given there in quickteller?

  4. my name is jerry,please what are the symptoms of cancer..i.e..how can a cancer patient be identified.What is the best way to stay out of this war.Thank you.

    • see the following link for symptoms of cancer. Routine screening is the key to early detection. We all need to join the BIG WAR against cancer to make cancer history in Nigeria. Support the move to Take Cancer Prevention to the Grassroots. see

  5. Pls where can I locate thÍs organisation.I mean the address ‎​in lagos.kindly reply.

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