The BIG WAR is powered by the National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCPP).

NCPP is a non-governmental initiative of mass medical mission (mmm), a registered nonprofit organisation. 

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NCPP pioneered nationwide community-based mass Cervical and later, Prostate Cancer Screening, in Nigeria.

With exceptional missionary zeal, the NCPP has been at work since 2007, carrying out awareness, screening and treatment campaigns across the nation.

Over 200,000 Nigerians have been directly screened and treated so far, and through the awareness created, the NCPP is helping to protect millions of Nigerians from cancer.

This monumental effort has contributed immensely to the reduction of cancer deaths in Nigeria from 240 daily in 2008 to 193 daily in 2018 (W.H.O. data).

There is an urgent need to scale up this effort. The Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC) will facilitate the needed expansion.

CECP-Nigeria was initiated to raise fund towards this cause. The short-term goal of CECP is to raise funds towards the acquisition of the 37 Mobile Cancer Centres to take cancer prevention and holistic preventive health-care to the grassroots of Nigeria.

CECP has successfully raised funds for the pilot set of MCC which have been deployed by mass medical mission For free community-based mass preventive cancer and general health care.

In addition, four fixed cancer prevention and health promotion centres have been established, strategically located in each of the four former regions of Nigeria (Eastern), (Midwestern), (Northern), (Western); respectively. These will serve as the Base Centres for the Mobile Cancer Centres.


A Mobile Cancer Centre is NOT the same as a Mobile Mammogram. Rather, it is a clinic on wheels, in which screening, follow-up and treatment (including surgeries), can take place.

It includes facilities for mammography, sonology, colonoscopy, colposcopy and cryotherapy, as well as a surgical theatre. It also contains laboratory facilities for screening against certain cancers like prostate, colon and bladder cancer and Ten Major Cancer-related killer diseases. 

Thus the MCC would tackle the double burden of disease, i.e. Communicable & Non-Communicable. Each Mobile unit costs six hundred thousand US dollars ($ 600, 000).

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