In 2012, the United Nation Foundation designated the first Tuesday in December as #GivingTuesday (now known as ↑↓GoodTuesday in Nigeria).

↑↓GoodTuesday is an initiative of ↑↓GivingTide International, aimed at mobilizing individuals and organizations to collectively tackle major societal problem.

↑↓GoodTuesday is so named because of the significance of Tuesday. In many cultures and religions, Tuesday is regarded as the most auspicious weekday. For example, in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, Tuesday is a day of multiplicity of blessings. This is because in the Bible on the Third Day of creation the phrase “and God saw that it was good” is mentioned twice (see Genesis 1:10 and Genesis 1:12). All the other days have this phrase mentioned only once (except for the second day, Monday, where it is not mentioned at all).

The auspiciousness of Tuesday is also preserved in some African cultures. For example, in Yoruba mythology, Tuesday is the most auspicious day of the week. The Yoruba regard Tuesday as a day of double blessing and a day of victory, known as ‘Ọj Isẹgun’.

Global ↑↓GoodTuesday:

Whist every Tuesday is designated as ↑↓GoodTuesday (a day of emphasis on philanthropy), the first Tuesday in December is extra-special, because it is regarded as the first in the annual giving calendar.

For this reason, the first Tuesday in December is known as the Global ↑↓GoodTuesday.

Global ↑↓GoodTuesday is the global advocacy day of ↑↓GivingTide, set aside to inspire and celebrate generosity. It is the first day to kick off a tide of year-round giving through a universal call for all to give back (represented by ) so that humankind may be uplifted (represented by).

This is followed by an ongoing campaign, known as ↑↓GivingTide. ↑↓GivingTide is an international campaign to motivate the giving of talent, treasure and time towards the focal cause. It is a novel movement for giving and volunteering. ↑↓GivingTide kicks off each year on the Global ↑↓GoodTuesday, “the opening day of the giving season,” and lasts till the next Global ↑↓GoodTuesday.

The Global ↑↓GoodTuesday  is also a way of expressing gratitude for the gift of life, and for all the achievements and progress recorded in the outgoing year.

↑↓GoodTuesday will be observed for the first time in Nigeria on December 2nd, 2014.

The current focal cause of the ↑↓GoodTuesday is the BIG WAR against Cancer and the ten major Cancer-related Diseases. The BIG WAR is aimed at taking wholistic preventive health care to the grassroots using Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC).

The BIG WAR is operated by the National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCPP), a non-governmental initiative of mass medical mission. The NCPP is the foremost and major effort towards national cancer control in Nigeria. It pioneered nationwide community-based mass Cervical and later, Prostate Cancer Screening, in Nigeria. With exceptional missionary zeal, the NCPP has been at work since 2007, carrying out awareness, screening and treatment campaigns across the nation. Over 100,000 Nigerians have been directly screened and treated so far, and through the awareness created, the NCPP is helping to protect millions of Nigerians from cancer.

This monumental effort has contributed immensely to the reduction of cervical cancer deaths in Nigeria by 15% (from 26 daily in 2008 to 22 daily in 2012 – recent W.H.O. data). There is an urgent need to scale up this effort. The Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC) will facilitate the needed expansion.


DATE: Tuesday, the 2nd of December, 2014

VENUE: Centre for Values in Leadership, 6 Balarabe Musa St., off Samuel Manuwa, Near 1004 Flats, VI, Lagos

TIME: 12.00 noon prompt.


For: ↑↓GivingTide Steering Committee